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Concert Music

Special Concert

Bruno Pernadas
March 2 and 3
Bruno Pernadas toca guitarra elétrica.


Families March 2 and 3: 4.30 pm
Age range +6
Running time 45min
Tickets €3 children under 18
€7 children over 18

After the success of our Special Concert back in September, we have invited Bruno Pernadas to come back and do it again, now with a band, to play songs us that we all know from cartoons.

In this special selection, we can hear the soundtracks from artists such as Henry Mancini, and Guido y Maurizio de Angelis. These are songs that have grown with the grownups, who can now show them to their children, and songs that the young ones know and, therefore, the grownups will know too.

Cast and Creative

Musical direction Bruno Pernadas
Musicians Bruno Pernadas (electric guitar), Paulo Santos (vibraphone), Pedro Pinto (bass) and Desidério Lázaro (saxophone and clarinete)
Comissioned by LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões