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Book release

“Cheater” book release

Gonçalo Viana
February 8


Families February 8: 5:30pm
Age range To be classified by CCE
Adequate theme to preschool
Duration 30min
Space Middle floor
Price Free admission

After watching “The White Tree” performance, we move on to the "TROCA-TINTAS" (“Cheater”) book, by the illustrator Gonçalo Viana, which inspired the show. In the end, we promise autographs of all colors and a delicious snack for the end of the afternoon.

“Cheater” tells the surreal story of a cloud and a tree that switch colors (or do they switch place?!). Are we facing a nature that is wrong, twisted or turned over? Or are we all free to choose our colors and place in the world? This is a book which invites us to untidy the ideas and to paint reality with several colors and tones.


Image: © Gonçalo Viana