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Wooden Letters

Keli Freitas
6 - 17 March
Fotografia frontal de parte da instalação Cartas de Madeira, de Keli Freitas. Uma forma de sapato com capa de metal na calcanheira e carimbo na zona da sola. Na parede atrás da forma, há impressões sobrepostas e desiguais do carimbo da forma que dizem «Mamãe continuamos/ na mesma pois é/ difícil como se deseja».


Families March 6 to 17: 10.00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
Tickets Free admission

At the Mezzanine, Keli Freitas has built an interactive installation. Wooden stamps with fragments of letters purchased in Portugal and Brazil will be available for all to use.

These passages are records of real, unknown, anonymous men and women, all those whom History has called «ordinary citizens». Letters, journals, telegrams, postcards, notes, reminders, invitations, requests: words spoken just once, from one person to another; impressions that could never foresee the arrival of yet another reader. Turned into stamps, letters that were invisible come back to life, and are given a new meaning, now safe from oblivion.


Photo: Keli Freitas