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Theatre Online Program

Blue Red Blue Butter

Cão Solteiro
April 5 to 9 (schools)


Schools Available between the 5th of april, 8am, until the 9th, 7pm
Video on Demand, Sign Up
Families Available between the 27th march, 10.30 am, until the 28th, 6.30pm
Video on Demand
Age range +6
Appropriate theme for primary and secondary school students
Running time 50 min.

"When heightening sensibility emerges as a pressing need in all fields of human involvement, awareness, and sensitivity to color may be key instruments against the forces of insensibility and brutality."

Josef Albers

Blue Red Blue Butter is a performance for children, a physical education class for great and small people, and an imagined color game, made-up from the texts of Michel Pastoureau, Josef Albers, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Together, these authors taught us to study the nature of colors and question how we perceive objects, houses, plants, animals, and people.

Colors have a troubled history of travels; they have feelings, friends, and enemies. They teach us codes we instinctively follow, and they deeply influence the environment, behaviors, language, and imagination.


Photography © Cão Solteiro


Spoken in Portuguese, no subtitles



Cast and Creative

Creation Cão Solteiro Teatro & Patrícia da Silva