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Dance Music

Carnival Dance

DJ Crazyman and VJ Severa
March 5
DJ Crazyman posa de perfil defronte da barraca de farturas «Superfama».


Families March 5: 3:30 pm
Age range +3
Running time 180min
Tickets Free admission

To Afonso Simões, «childhood is the best time of our life. When we are grownups, dancing is (or it should be) a return to those times».  In this very special dj set, we want you to remember and share some of the music of your childhood that is still relatable today, in a party for everyone.

Stasera or Crazyman? Afonso. He plays the drums in Gala Drop. He has always played, so it seems, but he also had hands and feet on the whole kit in the improvised or free music scene. He has recorded as Phoebus and now in Interzona 13. Just some of the best deep house ever made in this country. Unbelievable? Stasera comes from an enlightened generation of music people. What you are going to hear is not just disco, house, Africa, it is also the voice of a human being who has the word «party» written all over him.


For VJ Severa (Rute Soares), projections are like live paintings, playing with shapes and colors in a visual story. Graphic designer and illustrator, this VJ creates narratives that make music visible.