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B Fachada Is for Kids

B Fachada
22 and 23 June 2024
Fotografia de B Fachada em criança de óculos escuros e a sorrir



22 and 23 June: 11:30am and 4:30pm

Age rating

To be confirmed

Target audience

Starting at 6 years old


60 min




Canções com um olhar mordaz e incisivo sobre o (e a partir do) universo infantojuvenil.


It’s been 14 years since B Fachada – composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and unique figure in the 21st century Portuguese popular music scene – entered the universe of children and youths. “B Fachada is for Kids,” an album released in December 2010, presented a cast of thinking, acting, trafficking beings, whatever you want to call them, speaking in the first person. They dreamed, contradicted themselves, got bored, fell head over heels every August, felt and demanded too much.


The idea of ​​arrangements in a toy-box version came from Pascal Comelade, but the upside-down discourse evoked the children’s records of Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes. Things were called by their names and dominant values ​​were reversed so directly: “Tó-Zé, be careful / don’t be a yes-man / better crazy and rude than just not thinking,” “leave the soup, João / don’t eat more / don’t listen to your parents’ lies”; “playing / running away and disappearing / forgetting school and responsibility / doing things for pleasure” or “if Manuela can’t leave her mother / I’ll leave mine and go away alone”.


Today, his concerts for children include songs spanning a decade but with the same sharp and incisive look, even more pertinent and fun precisely because children are the privileged interlocutors.