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A table is a table

Catarina Requeijo and Manuela Pedroso
October 30 and 31


Schools October 30:
10:30 am (1st grade)
2:30 pm (3rd grade

October 31:
10:30 am (4th grade)
2:30 pm (2nd grade)
Duration 90min
Tickets €60 per school group;
Limited capacity;
A previous registration is required, through

This workshop will challenge children to take a second look at a daily object: the table.

Through dramatic expression exercises, we put forward different approaches to the table in its functional and symbolic dimensions: what is a table and what it can become. We also explore the relationship between the body and bodies with this object, and the relationship of the latter with space and other objects (some obvious, like the chair, others unlikely like a stethoscope).

This is an opportunity to reflect upon the possibility of forming different visions and reflections on the same briefing, therefore fighting the idea that can only exist a single interpretation. This challenge also aims at providing some pedagogical clues that may be continued by teachers.