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A playlist to invent a new year

by Dino D’Santiago
January 6

New Year’s Eve has already been celebrated everywhere in the world. In Portugal, we just welcomed 2021, but some cultures are still preparing their celebrations.

It’s the truth: in other parts of the planet, calendars are different, like the Muslim or the Chinese calendar. But there is something we all share: the need to invent a new year, whatever its number. And that is the purpose of this soundtrack!


Dino D’Santiago

Dino D’Santiago is a Portuguese musician, singer, and composer. He was born in Algarve in 1982 and has lived in Quarteira, Porto, and Lisboa. Wherever he passed, he always created music that combines and celebrates different references: this year, he has edited the album Kriola, and in October 2018, he launched Mundo Nôbu.


You can listen to this and other playlists by searching for LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões on Spotify.