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White Bianca and difference at LU.CA

Pernas cruzadas e mãos que seguram um postal do LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões na Sala de Espetáculos.

White, the color many say is colorless, is Bianca’s favorite. This is the motto for Leonor Keil’s WHITE BIANCA dance performance. In this universe where everything is white, we are surprised by the love of difference and color. Based on the eponymous book by Fausto Gilberti, this show, oriented for children over 4, will take LU.CA’s stage from November 14 to 18.

The show is followed by the Mini-Conference for Curious Girls and Boys, by Rita Pedro. This researcher in philosophy brings to LU.CA a debate with children on the notions of prejudice and racism. Rita Pedro will also give a two-day masterclass for teachers on philosophy and children, in order to prepare the grownups for a meeting between philosophy, childhood, and education.

Finally, the month ends with a film session in partnership with the PLAY festival. We will screen films such as Susann Hoffmann’s “Looks”.


Photo: LU.CA/Alípio Padilha