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Marionettes and soap bubbles at LU.CA’s Christmas

Fotografia de Pep Bou

In the last month of the year, the LU.CA says farewell to 2018 with a new circus show and a new puppet theater co-production.

With both sessions sold out, the first weekend of December features Pep Bou and the soap bubble universe. With live music, this show for the whole family explores the visual and magic-like potential of soap bubbles, taking us to a kind of fantasy land.

On December 8 premieres the puppet show “5 fables to not fall asleep”. Caroline Bergeron presents five short stories in a speechless play where, by evoking five deadly sins, some of our society’s obsessions are addressed: the obsession for power, money, competition, and where gluttony and laziness become virtues.

To entertain the kids during the holidays, LU.CA suggests a theatre workshop guided by Anabela Almeida. Here we will discover together what theater is all about, who is making theatre and how, and some of its hidden secrets. Throughout a week, LU.CA will show its unseen side in an experience that will travel through text, body expression, space, or light.

Photo: Claude Waeghemacker