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Spectacular library Party

Carnival Ball

Bandido$ DJset and VJ Severa
February 23 and 25
Fotografia do baile de carnaval de 2019 no Lu.Ca.


Families February 23 and 25: 4:30pm

Duration 120min
Price €2

We’ll bring back the old balls that used to happen in Lisbon theatres and also at LU.CA and transform the audience seats into a big dance floor.

Since on carnival nobody takes it seriously, there won’t be one but two party days.

We invited DJs Bandido$ to play music and VJ Severa to illustrate it. Bring your best costume and your most comfortable shoes to dance.

Once upon a time, there were two boys, one big and strong and another small and fast, who liked to look at record covers and read comic books, but lived miles away from each other and didn’t know yet that in the future they would become friends for life.

They met almost twenty years ago at the Fine Arts School and together they discovered the love for music and their power to make everybody dance. Onde day they saved all the records from a burning French club and since then they didn’t stop dancing and making others dance. They earned the reputation of BANDIT$ (BANDIDO$) and incurable dancers. And danced happily ever after.


VJ SEVERA is an individual project of Rute Soares, which took its shape in the center of Lisbon and is currently blossoming in London. By projecting visual stories, that begin with a sound that comes to life through illustration, several colors animate and transform in blots and infinite silhouettes over giant forms, structures, screens, peoples, anything and everything. It is about painting with sound to tell stories.


Image: © Rute Soares