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+ Blue Cycle Staged Readings

Mariana Magalhães
January 10 to 19
Três crianças lêem na biblioteca do público, no Entrepiso do Teatro Luís de Camões.


Schools January 10: 10:30am, 2:30pm
January 15, 16 and 17: 2:30pm
Families January 12 and 19: 11:30am
Age range To be classified by CCE
Adequate theme for primary school
Running time 25min
Tickets €1
Space Middle floor
Entrance limited to room capacity

From Sara Amado’s selection of books for +Blue Cycle, we picked three for these staged readings.

These books talk about life, the Earth, nature, and the balance between all these parts and each one of us.

Lying or seating on pillows spread along LU.CA’s middle floor, we’ll listen and watch these stories that develop new shapes when they come out of books.



– “Aqui estamos nós” (“Here We Are”), Orfeu Negro
– “Arrumado” (“Tidy/Stored”), Livros Horizonte
– “Estranhas criaturas” (“Strange Creatures”), Orfeu Negro


Photography: © Alípio Padilha